Your 5-A-Day Skin Boost

Fruit Smoothie Face Cream
This NEW lightweight cream is your skin’s daily multivitamin, rich in antioxidants to hydrate, nourish and protect. Couple up with one of our glow-giving and nourishing facial oil boosters to target dry skin or dull complexions.


We explored the world, gathering superfood ingredients, natural remedies and botanical extracts, to create The Gardeners, featuring bespoke rituals and small-batch solutions to nourish, balance and restore.

Food For Thought

“This collection is inspired by my infatuation with nutrition and how it impacts our health, skin, and wellbeing. We really are what we eat. So we’ve harnessed the power of well-known superfoods to pack your skin full of vitamins and minerals to increase vibrancy, radiance and its overall healthy glow.”
Ashley Souza, Chief Brand Officer