Get Smoother Skin Straight From the Sea

Think body-buffing sponges are something new? Think again; Greeks have actually been using them since ancient times. Turns out they were onto something, too. Not only are sea sponges soft enough to exfoliate skin on your face *and* body, they’re also naturally antibacterial. Nice.

Part of our latest Exploration Collection, here’s the story behind our Silk Sea Sponge (and why it’s set to be the newest addition to your shower routine).

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Meet the Makers

Say hey (or γεια σας, if you’re feeling adventurous) to the Kokkinos family - the people behind our Silk Sea Sponge. They live in Kalymnos, a tiny Greek island that’s famous for its sea sponges. Working in the trade for 65 years, they sustainably hand-pick every sponge - so yep, they’re all 100% natural.

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Seriously Sustainable Sponges

Did you know? Experts say you should replace plastic loofahs every four to six weeks. That’s a *lot* of plastic. As for our sea sponge? If you look after it properly, it can last for months - if not years. Plus, since they’re bleach-free, there are no nasty chemicals going back into the environment either.

What Makes Ours Special?

Our Exploration Team opted for fine silk sponges rather than the traditional honeycomb texture you’re probably used to seeing. Why? The fibres are far gentler, so you can use it on your face *and* body. It’s even safe for sensitive skin, too.

How To Use It

Just squirt a little or your favorite cleanser (we reckon our Crabtree Cleanse + Awaken Shower Gel is the perfect partner) onto the sponge and run it under water for a seriously luxe lather. Oh, and you can pop it straight into the washing machine when it needs a clean. Easy.