Working With The WAS Foundation

Did you know? Last year we set up our Exploration for Growth program, as a way to give back to the people and places that inspire us. The reason why we do what we do.

The first charity to partner with us, The WAS Foundation, is very close to our hearts, set up by our friend Wayan in Bali. Scroll to learn a bit more about our on-going partnership and the work they’re doing on the island.

What is WAS?

A Balinese charity co-founded by Wayan, a dear friend of our Chief Brand Officer, Ash. The WAS Foundation helps to to empower the local community through free lessons and workshops.

“Wayan and I met on one of my first trips to Bali and it’s no exaggeration to say he changed my life. Now, through The WAS Foundation, he’s changing the lives of his community through empowerment and education.” -
Ash, Chief Brand Officer

What They’re Doing

Organising volunteer-led beach cleanups and recycling workshops to ensure the island stays litter-free.
Creating a safe space to support the local community, with traditional wellness practices and spiritual guidance for those in need.
Empowering others through education with free lessons in key languages, yoga and meditation.
“Our big dream is to build a school, not a classroom, but something much bigger, for everyone in Bali.” Wayan, Co-Founder of the WAS Foundation

How We’re Helping

5% of all Bali Collection profits go directly to The WAS Foundation.

100% of profits from sales of our Printed Knot Hairbands are also donated.

For real-time updates on The WAS Foundation, follow us @crabtreeandevelyn #BornCuriousGrownWild.

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