How to

Double Cleanse Your Skin

Ready to dew the double cleanse? If you’re new to every skincare fan’s favourite step (we promise it’s worth the extra effort) double cleansing is about to transform your routine and your skin. So, let’s start with the basics.

What is Double Cleansing?

The two-step process of effectively cleansing the skin. The first cleanse, usually an oil-based formula, is all about removing makeup, SPF and sebum, lifting them away from the skin like a magnet. Your second cleanse goes deeper, unblocking pores and treating skin concerns to clear the way for your next skincare steps. See? Easier than it sounds.

How Do I Double Cleanse?

You only need to double cleanse in the evening to wash away impurities from the day. Start by applying your cleansing balm or oil to dry skin, massaging to break down makeup. Emulsify with wet hands to transform to milk, then remove with a face cloth. Repeat with your second cleanser, working the gel, cream or powder formula into skin before rinsing clean.

Which Formulas Should I Use?

Now, the best bit: finding your go-to duo to double cleanse with. Scroll to find your skin type and a ready-made double cleansing routine to suit you.

For Dry Skin
For Oily Skin
For Combination Skin